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Originally Posted by Cheesesteak Invictus View Post
It is indeed up to the rest of the team to make up for teammates. I realize that perfectly well. The issue is, it's VERY difficult to make up for a struggling goaltender. It's much easier to make up for a struggling skater than it is a struggling goaltender. You can minimize that guy's ice time, or use him situationally...that doesn't really work with goalies. The 09-10 team could do it, but we don't have that team anymore. Very few teams in hockey have the ability to do so. If a highly paid skater has a bad game, it's unusual that he's single-handedly responsible for the loss, unless it's an amazingly bad game; if a goalie has a bad game, he can easily cost his team the win on his own, and that happens more often.

Goal is a very specialized have only one role: stop shots. They only impact the play in one of the three zones. So if you're going to pay over 5 million dollars for a goalie, that goalie NEEDS to be consistent and needs to minimize the number of times he puts the team in a bad'd expect him to maximize the positive impact he has in his one zone of play. A goalie of that supposed caliber should be making up for the deficiencies of the team in front of him, instead of being completely reliant on the defense. If Bryz wants to stay on this team without getting bought out, he needs to play up to his cap hit. He didn't do that last year, so people (including myself) are concerned it could possibly happen again. Does defense need to be better this year? Yeah, it sure does. Ranking around the middle of the league won't get the job done. Unfortunately, neither does having a goalie ranked near the bottom for save percentage.

Here's a darned fact for you: a goalie being paid 5.6 million dollars shouldn't move like a drugged sloth from post to post, should have some idea what position he should be in, and shouldn't routinely let unscreened point shots in. He also shouldn't be ranked almost dead last amongst starting goalies for the bulk of the season. Guess what Bryz was doing for a depressing amount of last year?

He has yet to prove he can hack it here. He's given us a lot more to be concerned about than to be excited for. Acknowledging that yet hoping he turns it around doesn't make someone a "Bryz hater" as you call them, or make them anti-Bryz. I hope that someday you can understand that distinction.
Now why is it the 09-10 team can do it but this group can't? The lose of Richards/Carter/Gagne are huge defensively and so is missing Pronger, but have depth guys who get in lanes, and play hard D should help there. Michael Leighton for all he's work was awful in the cup run. He stunk but the team played good enough TEAM DEFENCE to cover it up. It starts with your zone. Bryz is a much more capable goalie than ML. ML isn't capable of making a game-changing save, Bryz is but when the quality scoring chances are being thrown at you and the amount of times the TEAM let him down is ridiculous. Does Iyla make 5.5 million, he sure does, but Briere makes 6.5, Mez makes 4, Kimmo makes 6 and frankly not even Briere gets eaten alive as much as Bryz. Bryz has to be better, its totally understandable, he can't repeat December but from how he played from that Calgary game in mid-Jan or Feb? till the Flyers got eliminated is how he should be playing. In that form and commitment to solid Team Defence... (March hello) this team is a top 5 team in the NHL. As for the Move like a Sloth comment.. well our other option was High Glove Bob... pick your poison, neither of them could have succeeded last year.

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