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01-17-2013, 02:19 PM
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I've heard many people say that any team with the Sedins as their best players won't win the Cup. As much as I like the Sedins, I don't think they can win a cup as the #1 and #2 options of a team.

The problem with the Sedins is that their production is so intertwined and they depend on each other so much to score when they are both healthy. Splitting them up is a no go because they are so good together and because they are twins.

Really, splitting them up is the logical and what's best for the team. Their individual production will take a hit, but the team will be more well-rounded.. and they can always play together on the powerplay.

Daniel - Kesler - Kassian/Hansen
Booth - Henrik - Burrows
Higgins - Malhotra - Hansen/Kassian

The Sedins are invisible in terms of physicality, and they suck defensively. They are thin and get pushed around physically. So we have two soft players on our top line, which means we spend 18 minutes a game getting pushed around. Being a soft player isn't a bad thing. Having two soft players playing on the same line is a bad thing, however. Lining Daniel up with Kesler and Kassian will take the physical pressure off of both Daniel and Henrik.

Kesler needing a playmaking winger is pretty much consensus on the board. Daniel is severely underrated as a playmaking winger. There really aren't many better playmaking wingers in the league. Daniel's easily a top 5 playmaking winger. Why not put him with Kesler? Really, Kesler and Daniel compliment each other so much in terms of weaknesses/strengths. If the Sedins weren't twins, Daniel and Kesler would be playing with each other.

Henrik's easily one of the best playmakers in the league, and most of the time, he shares the puck with Daniel. Admittedly, his production would take a hit, but he'd have the puck on his stick for more of the time he's on the ice. He'd have two gritty players who crash the net and are big bodies. Henrik would be able to make those passes in tight areas.

The problem isn't the Sedins as individual players. The problem is that Vancouver is so stubborn that they simply cannot let go of the fact that the Sedins are twins.

I don't think we will win with the Sedins. They are great players when playing together. They would be worse players without each other.. but the team would be in a better position. The team would have more flexibility, and wouldn't have to rely on just one line to score.

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