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01-17-2013, 02:20 PM
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Originally Posted by Capitano View Post
In my opinion I would like PK to accept a 2 year deal so he can be onside with the rest of the team. He says he wants to sign long term but that's only half of the story - he wants to sign long term for large cash - on one hand you can call that what he is entitled to, on the other hand you can call that greed.Whereas in the habs position they will spend to the cap or close to how can you call it greed if they simply wish to spend their money and distribute it in an equal way?
Maybe...but you could also say the Habs are being greedy by trying to lock up their best and most used defensman to a bargain deal.

How is that fair to Subban? Again...let's just say he signs this 'bridge deal' everyone wants him to sign at let's say 2yrs 3.5M per.

So he'll be making 3.5M per year, less than Markov, Gorges, Kaberle...yet he's going to play more than those 3, play more difficult minutes than those 3 and accumulate way more wear & tear than those 3.

Is that really fair?

Again...neither side is wrong in their stance, they just need to find a common ground that suits both parties.

If none of us can come to an agreement on PK's actual value...imagine how difficult it must be for those actually invested in these negotiations.

It's not nearly as cut & dry as we're making it out to be here...

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