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I put "OTHER" --to specify:

Barring a fall out of the playoffs and a lottery pick for #1 (all 14 non-playoff teams will get a shot at #1 --albeit weighted chance) where we do get the #1
(take Seth Jones) -maybe this draft we ought to take a GOALIE with our first rounder...

THE QUESTION IS: DOES any goalie from this crop merit that risk and at what point in the draft -if any?

After seeing the TOP PROSPECTS GAME last night ---I saw confirmation that my original pre-game impression from the #1 NA rated goalie--ZACHARY FUCALE who on SOME LISTS showec as high as the 14th overall pick --was that his stats show HE CANNOT STOP PUCKS --despite playing for the top team in the Q--Halifax-and sdespite not facing lots of shots per game---his save % history does not suggest to ME that he desrved his hyped status as the #1 rated NA goalie by central scouting..
AGAIN-in this game he gives up 3 goals in his half a game work on 20 shots ...I never saw "IT" from him before this game and this game confirmed to me he CAN"T STOP PUCKS-I don't understand why he gets a #1NA rating..

WE also saw SPENCER MARTIN start for team ORR --he stopped all 16 shots he faced--but I have seen him play for Mississauga (OHL) this season -and while he started the year great-he tailed off badly -I saw some gaes whee he could not stop a beach ball and I sawflaws in his technique--last night he was ON -but still I have serious doubts ..I do not think he is "THE SOLUTION"...

WE saw the 2 backups play the 2nd half of the game for their teams--- TRISTAN JARRY stopped all 16 shots for team Cherry in his stint ,PHILLIPE DESROSIERS
stopped all 4 shots (albeit good scoring chances) for Team Orr in his mop-up..

JARRY (6'2 181 is the back-up goalie in EDM (WHL) and only hs played 16 games
this year because EDM starter Laurent Brossoit gets most of the work--but he had 4 shutouts and a great save % (.934) and a 1.68GAA -and was spectacular in this game as several of the 16 shots he stoped were great scoring chances ..He plays a hybrid style -some of his saves were staight up standing --others were pad slides and drop down,good glove and refeles ,not many rebounds left out,good positioning and focus-but ALSO great CONFIDENCE--- i think this guy has the "IT" factor-and he ALSO handles the puck very well ..HE should be the #1 NA goalie -my instinct tells me --something just screams this kid could be very special..the trouble is --he has played less than Fucale or Comrie (CSS 2nd rated goalie who did not play in this game) so maybe the fewer views of him make him more riskky to asess-BUT my gut tells me he has got "IT" -that neither the top 2 rated NA goalies have ..
MARTIN -as I said I have seen both excel at times and really stink at times--and in any case I don't think he has great technique or glove hand..

DESROSIERS is interesting-- baby of the draft with an August birthdate-he has a lot of development ahead--but I liked what i saw (despite facing only shots) ..I liked his technique. My insinct tells me he may be the 2nd best NA goalie from this crop but I would like to see more views of him to confirm my short impression He is 6'1 187 with an august 16th '95 birthdate.. He is the #1 goalie for QUEBEC in the QMJHL and has played 33 games so far this year with a .905 save % facing 29.66 shots per game ...

So in NA goalies-these would be the 2 I would have the radar on for..

THE #1 rated eurogoalie--JUSSE SAROS --is not as big as either JARRY or DESROSIERS -he is only 5'10 181 --but he has posted a terrific .941 save% and
1.56 GAA in 25GP for HPK u-20 in the SM-liga JR A league so far --plus a 2.45 GAA and .921 save % in 9GP for the Finland U-18 team in tournaments this year..

WE shall see SAROS for Finland at the U-18 Worlds this spring and if he shines there -maybe he goes as the goalie takenfirst in the draft.
His history also shows great save % numbers in many of his earlier seasons in youth leagues..His 5'10 height though is a concern in this era of bigger goalies..Still-if you can stop pucks,that is what counts..

ANYWAY-IF STAN decides tro use our #1 pick (our only pick -unless we trade-in the first 3 rounds) -MAYBE he considers taking a goalie if other "targets" we might have taken are already off the board..
OR maybe he trades down a bit and takes one of these goalies anyway...

I have not seen SAROS play. I saw JARRY and DESROSIERS only once--so far -in the Top Prospects Game -- My hunch says take JARRY -i sense he is going to be the real deal...but-at some point STAN needs to gab a cream of the drsaft goalie-and waiting to long into later rounds -they tend to be already taken by other teams -and so we wonder WHY there is no "GOALIE OF THE FUTURE" designated as such by most hockey experts -in our pipeline --at some point we NEED to get a ROBIN LEHNER type talent who is viewed by the experts as the solution for top echelon goalie being developed inthe system.AT some point STAN can no longer avoid the issue-at some point we MUST RISK on a goalie of the future with a talent level to justify that hope of actually being that long hoped for SAVIOUR in goal ...SO i would have our scouts flock to see JARRY when he plays,flock to see DESROSIERS and flock to see SAROS -and get their "book" in order -just in case THIS TIME we use our first for a goalie we think CAN BE that solution in future.. We cannot keep drafting later round maybes that we hope might develop into special greatness-we can't kep depending on pure luck-at some point we must IDENTIFY first rounder goalie material and with lucck get first crack at taking the highest ranked we can get off our list before somnebody else is astute enough to grab him first...

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