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Parents got me watching when I was about 2 in the mid-80s. To be fair I probably didn't really understand it until I was about 4 or 5 so I'll say from '88 to '07 when I stopped watching for about 3 years.

In no particular order:

1) Bret Hart
2) Chris Benoit
3) Raven
4) Christopher Daniels
5) Nigel McGuinness
6) Owen Hart
7) Rhyno
8) Bryan Danielson
9) Kane
10) Chris Jericho

HM: CM Punk, RVD, Samoa Joe, Edge, SCSA, James Gibson (Jamie Noble), Mickie James, Bubba Ray Dudley, Jerry Lynn, Kurt Angle

Hardcore Holly & AJ Styles used to be in my list but both of them turned out to be utter ********** in real life. Plus it is hard for people to take you seriously when sparkplug bob holly is in your top 10.

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