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01-17-2013, 02:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Capitano View Post
That is the path he chose bud. I'm not a professional hockey player. I'm not a contract employee. In the NHL this is the way it works when he is an RFA.I'm assuming the habs made an offer, I'm not saying that the habs made a fantastic offer, but I do believe that they want to bridge him and money aside that is a problem for PK. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Exactly...PK Subban IS a professional hockey player and he's entitled to hold out to get paid as much as feels he's worth

IF PK was holding out for more money WHILE under contract, then I could totally understand all the character assinations he's received...but he's not, his contract expired and he's trying to negotiate the best deal for him. Those are the rights afforded to him under the collective bargaining agreement

Originally Posted by Capitano View Post
I don't profess to be a cap expert, but I think MB holds all the leverage in this negotiation simply because PK is an RFA.

I think our GM factors our market into the way we do things 100% Let another GM sign him to an offer sheet then. He might be worth more to another team and we'll have to match it, he is entitled to that. But you said it yourself that is unlikely.

Again, MB holds the hammer.

I don't want you guys to get upset heh, i'm simply saying that PK's agent has his own interest in mind, and MB has the habs. Trust me I will be the first guy to criticize MB and Molson for being a cheap ass if they lowball PK and then don't spend to the cap in the coming years to make our team competitive overall.
I'm not upset at all, this is a very healthy debate which i've enjoyed

As for the rest of your argument...i'm not entirely sure that MB holds the hammer per say. Subban has plenty of ammunition too

That's why we're at a standstill

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