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01-17-2013, 03:43 PM
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Originally Posted by scott99 View Post
Thanks Bunk, one more question, is it ALWAYS $50 a year ? Or is that a discounted price because of the shortened schedule. I have a Roku, Nexus 7 and an iPhone, so it would be cool, but, with local teams, the games on "VS" or NBC Sports or whatever it's called, and the games on The NHL Network. I think I don't need this. I love watching hockey as well, but there is tons of hockey on the networks in NYC.
It is discounted because of the shortened season. If I recall correctly, I believe in a full season you can buy it up front for full price, but at some point half way through the season, they offer it for the remainder of the season at half price.

I'm out of market, so I get it to watch and record Islanders games. I never got it when in NY for reasons you said. Between the 3 local teams and the games on national TV, there's more hockey on than I could watch. Another thing to think about (although this doesn't currently affect the Islanders, but would affect a team like the Rangers), is even if you are out of market, it is worth it to check the team's national schedule. If you lived in say, Philadelphia and were a Rangers fan, GCL/CI may not be worth it because of the 5 or 6 games against the Flyers that would be blacked out, and then all of the games on national TV that the Rangers get that would be blacked out on GCL/CI and you could watch without it anyway. You would be paying to watch only half of the games. Just another wrinkle in the decision...

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