Thread: Speculation: Acq/ Rost. Bldg./ Cap Part XVI
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01-17-2013, 02:50 PM
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Ok before I go, here's 2 foods for thought

Food 1:

tx keeps linking [Ovechkin, Backstrom] to [Richards, Carter]. Other than both sets being marquee players, it's not accurate at all. If you actually want to force a comparison between the teams, most accurate from a hockey perspective would be:

Ovechkin - Briere
Backstrom - Giroux
Carter - Semin
Richards - Green and Laich (super forced but we don't really have a good comparable).

Ovechkin and Briere are both top 10 playoff performers in the league, possibly top 5 on a given season. Both lack defense but are exceptionally good at driving offensive play in the postseason, Briere even moreso than Ovechkin at this point. In the regular season Ovechkin kills Briere, but I only care about the regular season as far as it gets me into the upper half of the conference by playoff time.

Giroux and Backstrom are basically 2 shades of the same player, with each slightly beating out the other on different facets.

Semin and Carter, likewise, more or less same player. Both fast snipers averse to physical contact that have been accused of taking games off. Carter plays C and is better defensively, but they're close enough

We don't really have a good comparable for Richards but I'd go with Green, since he's the last young gun marquee guy. In terms of forwards Laich is a very poor man's Richards.

Food 2:

Holmgren traded his Jeff Carter for 2 players, each of whom looks to be developing into either a better player than Jeff Carter was or close enough to him that it's gonna be a wash when all are in their prime. Both are very young, cost controlled and play styles that fit with the team identity at a high level.

McPhee just let his Jeff Carter walk, and traded 2 useful assets to replace him with another Jeff Carter.

Who's better at asset management now?

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