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Originally Posted by habtastic View Post
Yes, I think it pretty much captures my philosophy. I would differ in perhaps being a little more generous in a 2 year contract in giving him something not that far below 4.5 (maybe 3-4 million). I highly doubt he will reach Norris trophy candidate status by then (we really do forget about all the other GREAT young D men around the league), so 7 million would be a lot to ask, but you're right, we want to avoid that. If he DOES deserve it...fine, but I highly doubt he will. Asking for it (as you're pointing out) is a different story. The benefit to the 2 years at 3-4 or even 4.5 is that we get an adequate evaluation of how much PK Subban really IS worth to the Montreal Canadiens.

I like your 6 year deal the most.
The Habs need to take the risk now. I think I have more of a ceiling for Subbans growth which is why I believe he will deserve 7 million shortly. If Bergevin has convinced him that for this year he deserves 4 million for this year, a long term deal should be made to deduct value from the possibility of him deserving 7 million in 3-4 years, but a cap hit of only 5.75 million. Signing him to a 2 year deal will mean on his next contract he could have a cap hit of 6+ million.

I believe his work ethic and desire to succeed show traits that can make him a top 10, maybe even top 5 in the future. But if I thought he would at best be top 30, I would have a reserve on giving him a large long term contract. I guess management might believe something similar if they continue to be at an impass. Although it could be for many reasons the two sides are still at odds. It feels more and more likely that Subban will not be in the lineup for the first game of the season. Seems a shame to me

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