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Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
I think that was fair. Only thing I would disagree with is your statement that Robinson is your best player. I think Reichel is clearly better.

Adams and Guidolin are quite similar. The difference between Sykora and Robertson is also pretty close to the difference between Reichel and Gee. In a regular season match-up, I think both sides would have a hard time claiming much of an advantage.

This being a play-off series, however, I think the play-off abilities of Petr Sykora and Robert Reichel, who are the engines of their respective lines, are going to create a gap. Reichel's international record somewhat saves his play-off resume, but it's still below average. Sylora's play-off record, on the other hand, is likely the strongest in this draft.

Adams, Gee, Guidolin, and Robinson all have on-and-off years in the play-offs, and I don't think their play-off performances will be significantly different than their regular season.
I think Robinson and Gee were better than Adams and Guidolin were in the playoffs. I see Adams and Guidolin as more of one big year territory than the others. But I agree with the statement that none of them did anything to significantly enhance a resume.

Also I wanted to contest the statement that Sykora has the best playoff record, but if he doesn't then maybe Jude Drouin does? I wouldn't be worried about it either way.

I'm actually worried enough about Sykora that I'm thinking about finding room for Pete Horeck this series. I know you called Sykora a willing battler for pucks, but I definitely think the way to play him is to hit him early and often.

Everyone at this level played with better talent during their careers than here, but Sykora's success comes as the trigger man finding space. He had the luxury of Elias/Malkin to draw attention and Arnott/Malone to do his digging. I think Gee and Adams are suitable linemates, but it's going to be an adjustment when he's drawing more attention than them. Also as much as I buy Adam's ability to create space and work along the boards, his bio also makes it clear he's no grinder or particularly strong. I don't like his ability to serve as a "policeman" for Sykora and I intend to give him something worth policing.

Sykora's on the right side and I couldn't have my left side defensemen fit the game we need to play against him any better. All night he's going to have one of Bowman, Reid, or Murzyn on his side of the ice. All three of those guys are big and bring a serious physical game.

That brings me to my forwards and the idea of dressing Horeck. Guidolin was a nasty fellow who's gonna get his shots in on Sykora without question. I found the most absurdly positive article about Hunter's work bodychecking Lafleur in the playoffs so I really like the idea of Sykora receiving a few of those checks. Hogue hits, but he's not as big like Guidolin or my defenders, or as punishing as Hunter. If I could find room for Horeck, that makes this cause even more effective. I don't think its as simple as hit Sykora and he goes away, but I intend to make him really earn his points this series.

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