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01-17-2013, 04:18 PM
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Originally Posted by MrHockey1982 View Post
The Penguins were the dirtiest team in the league last season. They proved it against us in the playoffs. All I've heard about from Pens fans for years is how the Flyers are such a dirty team, how they'd be ashamed to be fans of the Flyers, and how the Flyers are goons etc etc. So now that the Penguins are doing it, the fans are (not surprisingly) still fans of their team and can't admit what the players did was wrong.

I would love for some of the Pens fans that are coming in here to admit that what their players did in the playoffs was wrong before they start talking smack about how dirty the Flyers are and how the fans all just have a "thirst for blood."

FWIW, I know that the Flyers typically have one of the "dirtier" teams in the league as that's part of their identity and it will be forever. That doesn't mean they are the bullies anymore because there's a big difference. Anyways, all that stuff is part of hockey and so is payback. If you're going to take cheapshots like the Pens did, then they should expect to get some payback. I'd rather see it through clean hits, fights, and some good scrums though and not dirty hits.

Any Pens fans willing to admit this?
What Malkin and Neal did was wrong.

What Giroux did was wrong.

No dirty hits are right, I doubt anyone would say they were.

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