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Originally Posted by All Alfie View Post
Yes, they do suck.

Long post warning, and thanks to other STH who expressed some of these thoughts.

The reaction by the Senators to STH is below bare minimum. The Senators have had my funds since March. Straight forward commercial contract, in exchange for up front payment and early pre-payment they are to provide a package of benefits in return, the main one being Senators games as per schedule.

The NHL and the Senators did not live up to its end of the contract, plain and simple. The entire STH situation was managed to coerce STH to retain their tickets and give maximum control to the Sens who wanted to hold on to the STH base. If you think otherwise, I have for great swampland deals for you. There was no option for STH who had paid up front to be refunded what they had paid, after the goods could not be delivered. The Sens retained the funds, claiming they could not give a refund. Bollocks.

Would this be acceptable from Rogers, Bell, Silver City, any business? Thanks for the money, but sorry, we can't deliver your 7 months of pre-paid services and we don't know when we will be able to deliver, but we are keeping your money and the only options are to have refunds dribbled back 1 to 2 months after services are not delivered, or to keep all your money against the day when we get around to providing services. We would scream and the internet would be aflame with indignation. I can't understand why because a business is a hockey team, anyone thinks this is in any way reasonable. If someone took them to small claims court for not honouring the deal, I doubt they had a legal leg to stand on.

If the Sens had done the right thing and offered the option of a refund to STH, most would have likely opted to leave their funds in, but the offer would have generated terrific good will. For those who pulled their funds out, the goodwill would have been enough for most to re-up for the short season. Instead the Sens kept an iron fist on the pocketbook and have generated negative goodwill among their most important client base. I think they ran scared about refunds and that they would lose to many STH for this season. Instead of showing faith in the fanbase they ran to the lawyers, gave options that are legally questionable and held on to the cash until after the last possible moment.

One thing to realize in contract disputes is that in court, the deck is severely tilted against the party who unilaterally writes the contract, particularly if they are large and sophisticated. Even if there is small print somewhere that says the Sens can keep the money even if they can't deliver goods, no rep ever pointed that out and it would be very, very difficult to enforce in court. The lockout situation was also well anticipated, but was anyone advised by ticket reps or get sent a notice when buying a season or half season ticket what would happen in the event of a lockout or strike? Legally the Sens position for keeping funds is terrible. Their lawyers will have advised that they HAVE to pay interest, so they did, which was a legal requirement and not a goodwill offer from the team.

I'm lucky and can afford to leave my funds with the team. I don't think it was right, but the team has correctly guessed that I will not go to court over it. For others where funds are tight, and would have liked to use the STH funds to commit to something different for the winter, this was a raw deal and grossly unfair. Wanted to use the money for a vacation or a ski pass instead, to bad, you can't have your own money back.

Before the lockout, we bought 2 half season tickets, then were offered options for seat packages. Only one of those options were for the specific seats we paid for, but because of the dates took the one with different seats. After the lockout, there was no option of which ticket package you wanted, and the Sens assigned it, and that was that. Our package doesn't have the opener or closer, and we didn't have a choice. It wasn't even for our original seats. The season is also about 3 weeks longer this year as well, so that the owners and players can put more money into their pockets. But, we have your money, so tough, take what you are given and be grateful. I understand that the timing was tight, yadya, and they will likely say there wasn't time to get STH to choose a package, but it is just another aspect that wasn't delivered on by the team.

So after all this, the Sens look to rebuild goodwill. Their great ideas are:

- 50% off tickets for 9 of the first ten games!! YOOHOO, Give you more of my money. If you haven't noticed, I am a STH and have enough games.
- Drive across town, meet a player and get a coupon for 2 concession items. Yoohoo, a "free" pizza and pop. This is a joke, right?
- One free hockey game! Oh, another game, did you note that I have LOTS of tickets and this isn't really that interesting. YOOHOO again, maybe I can scalp the free ones. It will be interesting to see what games are made available. "Free" tickets to someone who wasn't going to buy them anyway.

What is being put forward for season ticket holders is in no way compensation for what was pulled on them. The team and league has blown millions of dollars with a lockout that had nothing to do with the fans, are extending the season out of greed, and they can't even make an outright gesture to STH that would actually cost them a couple of bucks. I'm not looking for "jaw dropping" incentives, just a reasonable goodwill gesture, like $50 in concessions for season holders and a $100 for full season. Heck, even include the bloody coupon for 2 concession items with the ticket mailouts instead of needing to go to the rink. And how about some options, among thousands of STH there are varying interests.

Overall, the Sens efforts towards STH during and after the lockout has been manipulative and cheap. In a market without major corporate sponsorship, you need to step up to the plate. I was ticked off on how things were handled during the lockout and this isn't helping. The offerings are poor, and they are being spun to me as if was gold. The Sens spent more money and effort on media PR to spin this as if it was special. Mr. Leeder, I really don't want another PR e-mail written by your staff for your signature.

The Sens are counting on me not still being ticked off when it comes time to re-up, we will have to see.
Why do you feel entitled to "free stuff" for being a STH? Did you lose money during the lockout? From my understanding you had the right to get your money back when the lockout started.

Hockey is back, if you want to pissed off and miss the rest of the season then go ahead and cut your nose of to spite your face I am going to keep calm and watch hockey. I am sick of hearing people complain.

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