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01-17-2013, 03:30 PM
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Originally Posted by Sir Psycho T View Post
Some of you guys are clueless, in what Manti T'eo made up world does a mid level prospect and a late first round pick net your a proven #1 goalie?

Plus if the Sens where so willing to give up on Anderson I would be worried, why are you giving him up? Is it because you know the guys you have are better.

Again I ask this to people who state about not trading prospects for unproven assets, WHATS THE FING DIFFERENCE? I'm sorry did I miss the part where Mark McNeill is a proven NHL player, where he scored tons of NHL points in his career? Where he scored that big goal in the play-offs that onetime? did I miss where in 2013 the Hawks had a special clause that with their first round pick instead of drafting an undrafted player they could take a NHL player from a team? Or is it that you like most of the people on here, hero worship any stiff in a Hawks jersey and trash any player not because you have 0 clue what the heck it is your talking about.

I am amazed at how many people on here won't trade our prospects because they have this amazing future but don't want any teams other prospects because they haven't proven anything.Wheres the logic?

You know why you trade for prospects, because you can get them for cheaper. Imagine how much Braden Holtby would have cost a team interested last off-season, imagine how much he would cost today? If believe enough in your GM to draft players then you'd better believe in him enough to trade for them too.
Who isn't willing to trade those assets? Everybody would trade them - if it makes sense. McNeill or 1st alone for Lehner or Bernier, sure, I'd do it. Both for 1 of them? ****ing no. Bishop was traded for less than a 1st last season, why give up a 1st now? Makes no sense. Bad Asset Management.

We have to draft a goalie this year high. Need to go with the best on board unless a TT falls to us again.

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