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06-20-2006, 12:12 AM
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Originally Posted by deandebean
Hartford wasn't a hockey city. It had some hockey fans, but not a legion. They were like the Expires in Montreal. They had a core of about 5-10 000 fans, but the rest were casual.

As for Carolina, who cares about the fans. It's the team that wins, not the fans. ANd I like the fact that the Habs will be the next canadian team to win.
I care about the fans.

I really do not see support being better in carolina. I sincerely hate seeing fans getting shafted because some other city/area/state spent a lot of tax dollars to attract them.

Colorado appears to be the only one out of the three that has seriously embraced their team. Which is not to say that Quebec fans were not just as loyal. Gov't $$$$ was not as forthcoming and Aubut was happy to cash in.

If the Hartford support was as weak as you suggest, I really do not believ it would have been taken into the NHL. The Jets have a new facility, but their team is in Arizona.

Sorry, but I actually care about those fans.

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