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Name: Ryan
Age: 22
Sex: M
Birthplace: Affton, St. Louis
Hometown: St. Louis, MO
Mode of Transportation: 2003 Acura RSX
Job: Delivery driver at Pizza Hut
How and when you became a Blues fan: Parents were always big hockey fans. I began skating around 2 1/2. I have an article saved from the newspaper back in '93 of me skating at 3 years old.
Favorite Blues Player: Current? Perron. All-Time? CuJo
Favorite NON Blues Player: Current? Crosby. All-Time? CuJo
Your Definitive Blues Moment: Winning game 5 of last years playoffs
First Blues Game Attended: I can't even recall I was so young.
College Attended/Attending: STLCC
Music You Listen To: Everything but Country
Favorite Band(s): Hard to say
Favorite Movie(s): 40 Year Old Virgin, Young Blood, Miracle, Avatar, Pineapple Express, Slap Shot
Favorite Food: Give me chicken
Favorite TV Show: Dexter, Breaking Bad, Supernatural, Lost
Hobbies: Video Games (mostly League of Legends, NHL13, and Halo). I also you to play hockey but haven't really played since Highschool

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