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Originally Posted by LastWordArmy View Post
What most people forget about "over ripe" players is that their contract ends up being cheaper. Mursak and Nyquist will be RFA next year and with barely any "NHL" experience and stats, they will not have massive deals, maybe 2-3 year deals at 2 or less million if not another two way deal. That is brilliant move by Holland because it will keep Wings competitive in the UFA market. Tatar will probably see a bit more time next year as his contract will expire after next year. Cleary is gone next year, by the time Bert and Samuellsson expire, you will have Tatar ready to make an impact.

I would look towards Filppula is a good example of this. He is a bargain and has been because of the way he has been brought up.

In this CAP era you cant just bring up the best players, you need to draw them out to make them cost less.
Does that really work in your favor if you piss off your players?

Here's how next year is going to play out for Nyquist: I want a one way deal. Put me in the NHL.

and if Holland won't do it, Nyquist might ask for a trade. If Samuelsson and Bertuzzi are better players, then clearly there is just not room in the organization for him. He'd be better off somewhere else.

Same thing with Tatar, but there won't be a trade. He'll ask to be given a shot at the NHL or he'll explore his options in the KHL.

This might become a textbook example of over-managing your contracts. It's nice to keep guys until they're ready, but if you keep NHL players in the AHL, you'll sour your relationship with them very quickly. What's worse is this is already getting around. There are rumors that kids don't want to be drafted by Detroit because they'll never get into the league.

Hell, you look at Justin Schultz. Detroit put an offer in on him. He probably laughed! He probably laughed his ass off. Detroit would have thrown his ass in the AHL. Edmonton will have him on the first pairing, probably.

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