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06-20-2006, 12:35 AM
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Originally Posted by JrHockeyFan
Why did you start this thread?
First off, Carolina has an NBA team, so your starting sentence doesnt make any sense.

After that, you mention taxes, failing to realize none of the american teams pay any and if they do, its minimal. The Habs pay more then all of them combined. Its not just Carolina.

You say that sticking with the WHA makes for deserving an NHL team. That makes no sense at all, do we here deserve an NFL team because we stick with the CFL? If they could support a WHA team, does it mean they could support an NHL one? Not in the least, especially not in poor income and low population zones like Quebec, hartford and winnipeg.

Also you say fans stuck with the oilers. Yup, they did go to games, but the main reason they are still there is TV contracts, merchandise sells, the provincial lottery and provincial help as well as real corporate support. Lets not forget two things, CGY and EDM are fast growing and very rich. They also happen to be two of the six teams that made profits before the lock-out.

Then you say Carolina is not a hockey town, well, as far as I know, theres no threat of that franchise leaving, which means its much more viable then markets that are proven failures.

Then you have a whole post of contradictions. You say you care about the fans, hmmmm, may I remind you that the Carolina building was full? And that they got winnipeg/hartford type attendances. That means they have fans, but you seem to select which ones you care about.
You also say this gem
If the Hartford support was as weak as you suggest, I really do not believ it would have been taken into the NHL
OH REALLY? The ****ing same thing can be said about Carolina cant it?

Hell, you talk about Colorado but completly ignore Dallas. The fastest growing hockey city in the US, they always sell out yet you have Florida type weather there. So I guess Dallas proved you cant go south.

And finally, the new winnipeg building is not made for the NHL, it would need major uprgades.

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