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Originally Posted by quoipourquoi View Post
Tim Thomas is older than Manny Fernandez.
Tim Thomas had groin issues in 2010, but is getting criticized for losing his job.
Tim Thomas rebounded from 2010 with his 2011, which was pretty good.
Fernandez obviously didn't rebound as well from his injuries, and it's interesting how little confidence there was league-wide in his abilities at the end. I mean, despite being part of the '08/09 Jennings-winning duo and becoming a free agent that off season, Boston went with Rask/Thomas, no one offered Manny a contract, and he basically retired by default, lol.

I'm not saying any of this with respect to how/why Thomas "lost" his starting job in 2010, btw. Just posting on the disingenuous nature of the 20 point SV% gaps you brought up - specifically wrt Fernandez. But on that point, bettering Rask by 20 points that season isn't necessarily the most important place to focus. Rask actually has a higher career SV% behind the exact same team(s), and had (even just to that point) shown incredible promise after his first season being leaned on heavily by the team. I personally don't hold that against Thomas, and don't understand how anyone could, really. Case was closed, so to speak, the very next year.

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