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01-17-2013, 04:18 PM
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Pierre LeBrun: Nonis Preaching Patience

Good article on Nonis who says all the right things.

here's some clips:

He's already got a trade under his belt, moving center Matthew Lombardi, 30, to Phoenix on Wednesday night for a conditional fourth-round pick and then Thursday making the difficult decision to place center Tim Connolly, 31, on waivers. One can easily surmise from both those moves that it's about making room for youth.

"Yes," said Nonis. "At some point they have to be given an opportunity to sink or swim if they've earned that opportunity. Our farm team has performed to a high level for close to two years now. A lot of those players are young players. If they play better than some of the veterans, even for a short time, they have to be given an opportunity."

The question is, has the plan changed now with Nonis at the helm?

"The destination hasn't changed, but maybe the road to get there has altered somewhat," said Nonis.

"I'm not going to give up youth for older players," he added. "We would trade a young player for a young player. We might trade from strength. But we're not going to trade a bunch of young players or first-round picks for short-term gain. You can't build a club that way. There's a point in time where you're good enough and deep enough where you can look at doing some of those things -- we're not there. And if we start to do that, we're going to end up being severely hampered in the development process of our club."
The money quote:

"Am I asking the fans to be more patient? Not really, because I understand what they've gone through," he said. "We've got fantastic fans. I don't think you ask the fans to be patient. But we have to be. We have to be. It's up to us to try to put together a team that can win and win for a long time. Our ownership group has made it clear what they want: a winning team that can win for a very long time. They've been very supportive and given us all the resources, we have everything we need here to try and put together a winning team. But we're going to take the time that we need to allow these players to grow. If we can make moves that will fast-track it, we will, but not at the expense of first-round picks and good, young players."

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