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01-17-2013, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by RPGrizzly View Post
I completely agree. 8 years seems a little awkward for a 27 year old. It takes them to 35, while say a 5 year deal would take them to 32 years old, an age where they can get big money again, and a lot easier than at 35. They could get their retirement contracts at 32 and still get paid very well.

Man I can't believe how old these guys already are. Seems like just a couple years ago they broke into the league
Expanding on this, is the 35+ multi-year provision still in effect? Because that would probably make an 8 year contract extremely undesirable.

I think that's a big reason for the back-diving contracts in the first place. Because years past 35 are safer when signed from an under-35 contract compared to a 35+ contract. I hope they got rid of that rule.

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