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01-17-2013, 04:34 PM
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Originally Posted by OneSharpMarble View Post
Just curious would anyone trade Subban for Benn if we could then flip Plekanec for a very good top pairing dman?
I hate the idea of trading away our young prospects, esp ones that are proven. This contract crap will pass and we'll forget all about this mess...
Originally Posted by MathMan View Post
I'm not getting the hold up. Given Subban's status as an high-end #1 D-man, a long-term deal would be heavily to the benefit of the club, assuming the dollar amount was reasonable.

Unless Bergevin is following the insanity of some of the Montreal media and using del Zotto as a comparable (and, therefore, heavily lowballing Subban) I'm not getting his reticence.

PK is a special player, plain and simple.
My guess is that Meehan wants Doughty dollars for PK. 7 years at 8 mil or something crazy like that. Meehan's a pig and this is straight out of his playbook. Once I hear his name I know there's going to be trouble.
Originally Posted by Blind Gardien View Post
I can't believe we're back to the lockout mindset all over again. They had months to talk in the summer. Months to plan the approach. They have to know eachothers' positions inside out. There really aren't that many different ways this can go. Holding on to the very last minute and hoping that the other side finally cracks, or gives slightly better terms just because it's the last minute...

Habs mgmt must have a different perspective of Subban than I do, since I'm offering $50M/8yrs. So that bugs me. Flip side, PK can't want too badly to play right now, which bugs me too, after all this lockout stuff you'd think the players would be totally psyched to get back out there. He'll know one of his options is probably a 1-year deal at something rather less than he wanted... but which will get pro-rated down and tax-devoured to the point where it's not so much less than it appears. He could be on the ice if he really really wanted to be.

Hopefully the new Benn and Kulikov comparables are favourable. The Del Zotto case is pretty much too far off to fit... truly a case there of a player "caving" because he just wanted back on the ice badly enough, looks like. Wish we had that.
As I said above, Meehan wants Doughty dollars. Won't surprise me in the least if this becomes a six year 42 million dollar deal or more...

Originally Posted by E = CH² View Post
I have the very bad feeling that bergevin is trying to teach PK a lesson... sigh. Hope I'm wrong.
Nope, it's Meehan being Meehan. I knew we'd have some trouble with this.

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