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01-17-2013, 04:36 PM
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Originally Posted by Deku Scrub View Post
Hey guys. I know nothing about the value of hockey cards and I've got a question. I have a box of 50 rookie cards from 2005-06, haven't opened it yet. The side of the box says it has Crosby, Ovi, Lundqvist, Vanek, Phaneuf, and Carter to name a few. Some pretty big names, and who knows who else is in there. I know that no one can say for sure, but do you guys think this thing will eventually be valuable? Maybe I can sell it for a ton in a couple decades.
Sounds like you have Upper Decks Rookie Class set. All though it does have "rookie cards" they are not worth that much and not likely to increase that much. The main reason is because you are getting all the top rookies in one shot....unlike the gamble buying Upper Deck series one cards from that same year. Hence why your Crosby is only about $6 compared to UD series one Crosby for $300.

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