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01-17-2013, 04:52 PM
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Originally Posted by BabyJagrov View Post
Now can we give some credit to that HockeyInsider guy on Twitter ?

He said 2 days ago that the deal would get done in 24/48 hours... He was right.

Stop believing Eklund (Eklown E5) and follow HFboards when they say Eklund is a legit source now. Guy is horrible.

HockeyInsider is credible ! Not always right, but I believe the guy has some great sources. As I said not always right, but this time he was concerning Kulikov. That's enough proof for me.

I think Tallon and Santos didn't want to say anything because they were only in contact with Kulikov's agent and they didn't know where Dmitry was standing and where he was on Earth (Russia ? France ? Madagascar ? USA ?)... Now that he is back in the US and will be in Florida tomorrow, they will say the process was smooth enough.
It's so tough to say, he comes through sometimes but is completely off other times, I wouldn't doubt he has sources I am just not sure how real he actually is.

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