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Originally Posted by Bring Back Scuderi View Post
Gee has excellent VS2 scores for an 06 guy, but I think Reichel still claims an edge. He wasn't great in the playoffs, but I think his international career helps put him ahead here. Reichel doesn't distance himself from Gee in the Vs #2 scores as much as I'd like, but like Guidolin and Adams I think the modern player who played a bigger part in his team's scoring is more valuable.
Meh, offensive production is pretty even. 359 pre-expansion is pretty much equal to 400 post-expansion. That’s as close as it gets.

Not that Gee was anything special in the playoffs as a whole, but Reichel was awful. Gee did step up in 1950 in the wake of Gordie’s injury. Reichel makes up for it with international play, as you say.

I mentioned Reichel had a decent defensive game for a scorer last thread, but Gee's defense is far more notable. I think he and McEachern probably have the best checking skills of our top sixers.
Please tell me where you’re getting this from! You didn’t search out old “God Bless Canada” posts, did you? Because that’s the only place I’ve ever seen Gee to have “notable” defense. He’s likely passable considering he was on a lower line in the O6 and had some SHP, but that’s all we know, and we looked. (try searching “Gee” in google archives!)

Originally Posted by Dreakmur View Post
I think that was fair. Only thing I would disagree with is your statement that Robinson is your best player. I think Reichel is clearly better.
The way I see it, Reichel was right there in that class with a dozen others entering the draft, but Robinson stood out as THE most potent pre-expansion winger available. That has to count for something.

Originally Posted by Bring Back Scuderi View Post
Also I wanted to contest the statement that Sykora has the best playoff record, but if he doesn't then maybe Jude Drouin does? I wouldn't be worried about it either way.
Per-game his stats don’t look stellar, but considering it is still well over half a point per game from 1997 to 2009 and is the most GP, pts, finals appearances and cups of anyone here, I’d still say it’s the best.

Drouin’s numbers are nice but he piled those points up in weak expansion division matchups, apparently.

but it's going to be an adjustment when he's drawing more attention than them.
I think that’s true for any scoring forward here.

Sykora's on the right side and I couldn't have my left side defensemen fit the game we need to play against him any better. All night he's going to have one of Bowman, Reid, or Murzyn on his side of the ice. All three of those guys are big and bring a serious physical game.
Murzyn, yes, but Bowman and Reid? I’m not seeing it in your bios. They seem like steady defensive specialists.

Originally Posted by Bring Back Scuderi View Post
Not too sure how to make sense of centers. Similar VS2 scores and adjusted scoring. I guess you could say Stumpel did more of his damage at even-strength, and Bullard was deadly with the man advantage, but I'm thinking this is more or less a wash again.
More or less. I realize that Bullard’s per game numbers are actually a lot lower there, but also overpass’ adjusted numbers, like most adjusted numbers, favour DPE players considerably. With “adjusted adjusted” numbers they are pretty much even. Which is what you concluded anyway.

The wingers are much easier to see an edge in. MacDonald has his nice little peak, but Prospal is an excellent winger here. His Vs2 and team scoring placements are exceptional and he's definitely better than MacDonald.

Khristich seems to be undervalued because of his LoH profile. I think McEachern is definitely better defensively and probably provided a more consistent effort, but Khristich's offense is superior. Prospal and Khristich were two deserving all-stars that push Regina's line ahead here.
I definitely disagree about McEachern defensively. Solid, yes, but better than Khristich, no. There is evidence from multiple sources all the way through Khristich’s career that he was a very good defensive player.

As you say, Khristich is better offensively. That’s not hard to see. Although, I’m still getting my head around the fact that he was 2nd on a team in scoring three times… I had no idea.

Although – in 1998 an Afredsson injury prevented him from rightfully being 3rd, and in 2004 a Heatley car crash and Savard injury prevented him from being rightfully 4th…. Just sayin’. But, I guess you can take a knife to anyone’s resume like that. It’s not like the 1996 and 1997 Kings that Khristich led were any good. (the 1994 Caps, 1998 and 1999 Bruins were though)

In terms of consistency of effort… that is Khristich’s weakness, along with being injury prone. So McEachern would have that edge. But even when “off” I think Khristich can be better than McEachern at his usual consistent pace. Heck, after what was arguably his best offensive season, he was still lambasted for inconsistency!

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