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01-17-2013, 05:10 PM
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Some surprises too, specifically Connolly (I'll save it for the Connolly thread), the Flame goalies, and Aucoin (again, I'll save it for the thread already created).

I get what the Flames are doing with the goalies. I mean, take it like this. Flames know all 29 other teams have to have had their last waiver players in about three hours ago. What are the odds a team, when rosters MUST be announced tomorrow, will have the room to ride THREE goalies going in? If they had known a few days before, they could have the space to prepare but the day before? I doubt any team has enough room. It'd be burning a roster spot that could have been used for another player. Look around the League. I'd say almost every single team (aside from Toronto) has their two goalies set and correct me if I'm wrong but I don't recall any goalies being injured and not ready to go. Calgary is banking on both clearing and I wouldn't be surprised if it happens. Then, when they decide by tomorrow, one can be sent down before the roster deadline because he has already cleared. Very small chance either gets claimed judging the options other teams have. Toronto's the only one to be wary about and you have to think long and hard, would they pick either of these two over Scrivens? At this point (assuming no Luongo trade), I think Toronto goes in with Reimer and Scrivens, that's that. If the Flames didn't do it this way, they'd be forced to ride three goalies into the season, as they wouldn't meet the roster deadline attempting to waive the one who loses out on the job.

A couple interesting names though. Palmieri could be of interest (sucks if the Wild lose him so fast) and maybe Santorelli but I think there'll be more of the unexpected ones claimed and the ones we expect to be claimed will clear, as usual.

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