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01-17-2013, 05:33 PM
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Originally Posted by Eerie Hurdler View Post
But even 6 minutes would be better because it would be against NHL competition and attending NHL practices all the time. That's how you get better in a hurry.
That is the thing with both Nyquist and Tatar, is there really more they can learn at the AHL level? Smith made lots of turnovers, needed to get that special team time in and still had some things to smooth out in his game that could explain being sent down with other options.

However in the case these two forwards what more can they truly be expected to do. Tatar worked out his problems at the AHL level in terms of defense and getting more jam. Nyquist plays a complete game and completely outclasses the AHL at this point. They aren't learning a whole lot more there, in fact they are getting to an area where they could probably develop bad habits in my opinion.

I do think Tatar should ask Blashill and the Wings to let him play on the pk down in GR. Show another element to his game that makes him a better third line option to start. But what more can they do down there? I see the issues with some guys but these two players really have little to earn and the ice time while nice probably isn't as good as playing with superior talent and against better players.

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