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Originally Posted by Ohashi_Jouzu View Post
Sure, but having said all of that, at the time the Bruins had to make the decision, Rask was making it easier (or harder, I suppose, depending) on them. When's the last time you looked at Rask's Feb/Mar/Apr splits for the '09/10 season? Ridiculous numbers. Calculated gamble by Boston, and certainly not a serious blemish on Thomas's record, imo.
Absolutely agree. I've gone on record saying that I thought he was second only to Miller that season. Which is why it bothers me when Rask has been used to discredit Thomas in these threads since Round 7.

Statistics from Doctor No:

Goals Above Replacement-Level: Regular Season + Playoffs
Thomas: 371.4 in 428 games
Lundqvist: 364.9 in 523 games

Support-Neutral Winning Percentage: Regular Season + Playoffs
Thomas: 239-173, 58.0%
Lundqvist: 288-228, 55.8%

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