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Originally Posted by Patp14 View Post
Konopka is our enforcer. What the **** do we need Kassian for. He can't do a damn thing but throw punches. Kassian sucks. If we lose Palmieri I am gonna be pissed. Enforcers are way overated especially ones who can't contribute any hockey skill to the game.
And what happens if Konopka gets injured? Who do we have that can truly guard the boys? Powe? Doubt it. Clutterbuck isn't gonna get into many fights, because he should know that the team can't afford to have him sitting in the box for 5 minutes. Stoner? Maybe. But none of those guys are really intimidating. I guarantee you that when we play the Oilers, they're gonna be out for blood. We need some big guys out there to save us from going down the same road that we did last season with injuries.

Kassian isn't worthless. He doesn't suck. He's no All-Star, but he fits in. This isn't a "Boogie" type of situation.

Sucks to see Palmieri on waivers, but this is what happens when the team actually has talent and depth...and a lot of ##$@!ing 1-way contracts. With what's in Houston, we can afford to risk losing Palmer. But what we can't risk is only having one sheriff and losing him to injury. Teams are gonna be gunning for many of our guys this season. We need appropriate backup in multiple forms.

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