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01-17-2013, 06:32 PM
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Originally Posted by nexttothemoon View Post
Definitely agree... a player has to be able to play the role they are asked to.

Omark has more offensive talent than many Oilers... he also has more ego and "knows he's good". That's a dangerous combo. He's neither defensively good enough nor seems to have the ability to be humble enough to listen to coaches and play a role they ask him to... even if it's outside his "comfort zone".

I was (and actually still am) hoping he can make an NHL career for himself somewhere... but I think he has to take as much blame for the position he's in as those that the he feels held him back and have a vendetta against him.
That's untrue. He was forced to "buy in" to Renney's systems play and when he wouldn't, he was pressboxed and blacklisted.

I watched every Oiler game the last 3 years, and before last season, Omark had skill at puck control, especially behind the net.

Just because he couldn't fit into Renney's idea of what a player should do, and was a bit headstrong and savvy in social media doesn't mean he can't contribute on both sides of the ice.

Kind of ironic, as Yakupov is the same type of player, although Yak is a goalscorer and Omark was more of a passer, is also headstrong and social media savvy. I hope he doesn't get the same treatment, but with Krueger running things he may not.

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