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12-12-2003, 07:30 PM
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It is truly hard to pick for certain. Straka is the player that I and so many others of us wanted and when he came here he has made us proud as pandas! He has been keen his entire time here but, he is only as good as the rest of our talented group I think. That is with the exception of the streaky play of Eric Bellanger. I just think that he hasn't been playing all that great lately. Now, the last couple of games he has scored some great points but he has played poorly defencively and just isn't that tenatious bloke that he has been the rest of his time with the Kings I think. Of course, he is having a good year its just that with so many of our lads playing such great games he is just not playing at thier level the way I see it.

I think the biggest suprise to me so far though is Sean Avery. I never thought he would contribute with any points to mention nor did I think he would play his role so well. I also think that Klatt is playing his game better than I ever thought he could as well. When Allison and Army come back we will get allot deeper and I think that we could become a straight deadly team.

Great post, of course Palffy is our best and its about time he started getting some recognition from the rest of the world as well. Its funny but in that espn power ranking thingy earlier this season it said "he is getting paid like one of the best but isn't playing like it" or something like that even though at the time he was at or near the top in scoring and now that he has been so dominant they talk like they knew it all the time. As long as he gets noticed and what he deserves thats good enough for me. Great post mate.

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