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Originally Posted by Whiskeypete View Post
DTV is the only way to go. the service is great. the customer support is fantastic. the only downside to satellite is weather related interruption. nothing to do about it. socal will have less issues than what i deal with in chicago.

Dish was just voted one of the worst companies by consumers. customer support sucks, the channel line up isn't as good as DTV, etc.

net connection i keep with the cable company at this point. they still have the best speed for the money. u verse and similar are typically half the speed for almost the same money.

the offerings of dish and u verse to me are ****. they tout price savings, but those savings come at your expense when it comes to satisfaction and support
I was considering DirecTV. I've heard great things however when I went to call and possibly order, the sales rep really turned me off. I just wanted to get a few numbers but this guy was trying to smooth talk me with an over-the-top sales pitch. I mean like big time aggressive. I feel like a good salesman will know the product well and just try to talk to you like a normal human being, man to man. This guy was like Billy Mays on steroids. He wouldn't even quote me a price without running a credit check and seeing what I "qualified for". I'm the kind of guy that hates aggressive salesmen and will even pass on good deals because of them.

The other thing about Directv is there is no getting out of the contract even if you move somewhere where it's impossible to set up your dish and recieve service.

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