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Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
in fact, i did interpret it that way before discussions. i still wish Rollins did better than 2nd Team AS in the minors, though.
I understand the WHL is a far cry for the NHL, but different league, different rules, it's hard to gauge how good Rollins was during those two years, just like it's hard to understand, even in the 21st century, why a lot of NHL'ers have difficulty dominating the European leagues during lockouts. He did bring a 6th place out of 8 teams, 18 points behind conference leader, to the league final, with him being the main reason for his team success. In 1958-59, his team finish T-5th out of 9 teams. In 1960, Rangers decided to give a chance to Al Rollins, where they could of turned to any goaltenders in various leagues. He must have done something right.

What I can say is this:
In 1958, he got beated to the FAST by Dennis Riggin, who's team finished 2nd in the conference, 3 points behind the leader and 15 over Rollins' team.
In 1959, he got beated to the FAST by the goaltender who's team finished first in the league

(You can see Rollins, even in the WHL, was playing with sub-par teams!)

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix; Calgary Stampede Land Rollins, Fills Big Gap (09/27/1957)
The Calgary Stampeders hockey camp too on a look of confidence and gaiety Thursday.
The Stamps landed the ''big one'' Thursday morning when Al Rollins picked up his equipment at the Cowboy dressing quarters. It was a move that had been anticipated for weeks but did not become reality till late Wednesday night when the veteran netminder arrived in the city.
Rollins will be counted on to fill a big gap in the Stampeders brigade for the western hockey league season. He is the man coach Frank Currie is counting on heavily to lead the club out of the doldrums.
Past records indicate Rollins may do just that. The six-foot, two-inch netminder who will celebrate his 31st birthday next Oct. 9, is a veteran of seven National Hockey League seasons. The last five have been spent with Chicago Black Hawks after starting out his major league career with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

The Calgary Herald; Run-Around For Rollins As Kyle gets Edward (09/10/1958)
ROLLINS had a tremendous season with the Cowboys last year and was named the most valuable player on the Stamps, was named to the second all-star team and was the first recipient of the Scott-Mamini trophy as Calgary's Athlete ofthe Year.

Saskatoon Star-Phoenix; Stampeders Counting On Impressive Youths (10/08/1958)
Rollins was a mainstay last year when the Stamps made the league finals

The Leader-Post; Al Rollins will join Warriors (01/14/1959)
In Calgary, William Dickle, Rollin's Lawyer, said the goalie will discontinue a law suit filed against the Black Hawks and the Stampeders.
Rollins filed a $25,000 in damages on the grounds the two clubs were preventing him from making a living as a hockey player. He said they refused to offer him a contract and prevented him from negociating with other clubs.

Edmonton Journal; Too Much Rollins, say Tony Leswick (03/30/1959)
Peppery Tony Leswick, Edmonton Flyer's coach, summed up his club's downfall in three words, ''Too Much Rollins''.
Managers, coaches and players of both teams gave full credit Saturday night to Winnipeg Warriors' nimble netminder Al Rollins for his team's three-game sweep of the Western Hockey League's best-of-five prairie division semi-final.
Only eight nights before, Warriors were in the division cellar, two points behind Saskatoon Quakers with two games to play. They beat Saskatoon twice to gain the playoffs and followed up with the sweep over Edmonton.
In those five games Rollins, who was purchased late in the season from Calgary Stampeders, played spectacularly, allowing only six goals. In the playoff series he blocked 103 shots compared with 87 stopped by Edmonton's Ed Johnston.
Flyer manager Bud Poile said: ''Every game it's been the same. We've outplayed them, but couldn't beat Rollins.''

Originally Posted by tarheelhockey View Post
And in case anyone checked out of the previous thread a little early -- the reason Rollins was sent down was that the Hawks had landed Glen Hall, and Rollins had some sort of friction with coach/GM Tommy Ivan.

(This is me speculating, but I wouldn't be surprised if the friction arose from Ivan constantly spending resources to acquire goalies like Hall and Lumley to compete with Rollins, considering the problems they had at other positions)

It's not like there was more than maybe one other guy in the world who could have kept that job, and it's not like Rollins really deserved his fate in the minors. And all that is AFTER being stuck behind Turk Broda till he was 25.
Yes, I forgot to mention that Rollins got taken aside by Glenn Hall. I think most would agree that is no knock against Rollins.

Originally Posted by TheDevilMadeMe View Post
Maybe Rollins is the only one it happened to. I mean, the evidence presented that Rollins was unfairly prevented from playing with another team isn't conclusive, but there's definitely a decent amount of smoke there.

And it's definitely true that your O6 team owned your rights for life until they traded them, right?
Well I don't know if it was inconclusive, but Rollins definitely believed it, as he sued the Hawks for damage to his career in 1959, for a sum of 25k.

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