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01-17-2013, 07:38 PM
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Originally Posted by BigKing View Post
I took over from my landlord who was going to cancel the service with Charter since we run a shared tenant co-op at my place. I'm getting $200 for 4 HD DVRs, Sports Tier, internet and all movie channels. Only $50 a month since there are three other units but am I doing it wrong at $200?

Just wondering since I'm the actual account holder. I was unaware they didn't offer Center Ice...that's kind of laughable, but not as laughable as them not having NHL Network in HD. You pay $10 a month extra for the sports tier but the only HD channels are NFL Network and I think MLB. Red Zone Channel was pretty awesome though for when I didn't fell like driving to my buddy's place in Costa Mesa who has DirecTV.

If I had my choice of provider again, I'd go with DirecTV by far, although you still need internet through someone else. Sign up when they are throwing in Sunday Ticket for free and you are golden.
If you guys are paying $50 each, you are doing fine. I'm getting the SD boxes for free and I think HD DVRs are like $10 each. Combine that with every movie channel, you are paying probably about the same as me with the $200 total. Let me ask you, if I convince my neighbors to all be on the same bill then I could do that? I'm in a 4plex and I'm pretty sure we all have charter. I guess I'm worried the cable company wouldn't allow it since it is 4 separate units.

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