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Originally Posted by scott99 View Post
Ain't it the truth. I was 17 back then, and I actually got my Dad into hockey, so sometimes I talked him into watching the games on the color console TV, what a treat that was lol. I'm a technology geek, so I love all the stuff that is happening today. It's awesome to have powerful things like tablets, where you can watch all types of TV (Watch ESPN is a great app too), read all your books, magazines, play games, just amazing. The iPhone is an amazing product too, I've had one since 2007 (different versions).

I'm definitely gonna get this Game Center Live this year, for $50, what a deal. Next year I stick with what I currently have on Optimum. $170 would be worth it if I didn't live in NY.
Definitely true and I've been back and forth on GCL vs CI for a while now.

On the one hand, CI is great for being at home because I will get it on every TV, home and away feeds (I like watching from a different perspective from time to time), in HD, and workable with my DVR. Adding in the little red button on Direct TV, I can flip through game scores and quickly switch to games that are interesting. If you couple this offering with a Slingbox, you have the ultimate package because now you can watch from all your devices.

GCL is great because you have the ability to watch from any device anywhere. And now that you can easily plug an HDMI cable from your laptop into your TV, you can watch GCL on your big screen. The only downfall I've found with GCL (granted I haven't used in a few years), is that you are subject to internet speeds. So, if it is a peak time, or you have a slow internet (all you DSL folks), or live in a crowded area that limits bandwidth, it can cause a choppy feed.

So, I've always gone with CI as the better option. And if you get Slingbox as well, you really have the best of both worlds. Unless I am missing something that GCL offers.

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