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01-17-2013, 08:00 PM
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Originally Posted by Beacon View Post
Yeah, check out some of the goals that I scored in the beer league playing against a bunch of middle aged men with beer guts who have regular jobs instead of practicing!

Who cares about being able to score in the BCHL? It's a BS league. Any draftee looks good down there because his opposition is total garbage that will never be good enough to play in the ECHL and is likely looking forward to trying to make the Brooklyn Aviators team. He was only #6 on his team during the regular season and #8 during the playoffs. Combining the regular season and the playoffs, he was #7 on his team. None of that is very impressive.

Compare him to Nieves, who's the same size and a year younger. Nieves is a first liner. Sure, his team is weaker, but not because of their fowards. Michigan scores as much as Notre Dame, they just give up 3.5 goals a game (and almost 5 a game against other CCHA teams) due to bad defense and terrible goaltending. Nieves would've been a top-6 player on Notre Dame had he played for that team. Foggy is barely a player there. Maybe on a weaker team, he'd have been a third liner, but there's no tier-1 team where he does what Nieves has done this year, while being a year younger.

There's absolutely no reason to believe Foggy has top-6 NHL potential.
BCHL is a beer league? Ok buddy. Is the USHL a beer league? It may not mean as much as an OHL or NCAA season but "beer league" is ridiculous hyperbole. Look if point rankings and line rankings are your sole basis for evaluating prospects there is nothing to discuss. Let's hear your algorithm for predicting players so that we can just get a definitive list and call it a day.

How about how Jeff Jackson runs the most defensive system in the NCAA? There is no chance Nieves would have been a top-6 center on a defensive team over Anders Lee and TJ Tynan. Nieves walked into a great developmental situation on a terrible team. It's comparing apples to oranges.

I would never say that Fogarty is likely to reach his top-end potential, which is a 50pt defensive forward, but it's there. He was one of the most skilled players I have seen come through MN HS hockey in recent years, though extremely unrefined. The reason to see his potential is called using your eyes instead of pure statistics. He's a 3-4 year college player.

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