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06-20-2006, 07:57 AM
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Never said...

that development was impeded last season. Your post implied that you'd like to see the Rangers sign stop-gap guys because, I assume, you believe youth isn't ready. I'm arguing that perhaps youth is ready and when you have a strong top pairing, it's often easier to ease younger guys in and deal with the growing pains of youth - which includes seeing them make mistakes.

Have no clue by what you mean 'can't have it both ways'. Can't have what both ways?

And then you go on to really confuse me - signing a 28 year old Rozsival to a couple years is part of a rebuild but signing a 29 year old Redden or Chara is not? Why, because of the extra two years that may be required to sign either? I'm not sure I fully follow that. In two years, Kaspar and Malik may likely be gone, hopefully to Staal and Baranka, or whomever. Having a Redden or Chara still around then, at the age of 31, doesn't hurt and can in fact create stability as defensemen are shuffled in and out. I think laddering the tenure of veteran defensemen is a good thing.

As for the last paragraph...Again, this is odd. Are you saying that if the Rangers had a guy like Redden on the team, a guy like Staal wouldn't benefit from playing on the same blueline with him? We often talked about the benefit of having a veteran-type player to help these kids along. I still believe that. The statement 'accomplished players do not want to have anything to do with kids' is actually quite comical. Would love to see you come up with a first person quote from an accomplished vet saying something to that effect. I'm sure that's exactly how Jagr, an accomplished player, felt about Prucha, a kid. Again - would Chara and Redden do that? Ask Mezsaros - 82 games played, 39 points, 18 minutes per game - 20 years old. It's not Redden or Chara's job to accept these kids anyway - it's the coach's job to smartly integrate them and the GM's jon to bring in the right mix.

Just because the Rangers failed miserably when it came to signing veteran UFAs and trading for vets doesn't mean it doesn't work. Carolina wouldn't have a Cup without Weight and Recchi, two veteran acquisitions, and they're just a couple vets Carolina brought in to play with the Coles and Staals on the team. Edmonton would've been out in the first round without Pronger. All successful teams either trade for or sign veteran players (heck, most of the Rangers' team last season were veteran UFAs). It can be successful if done smartly.

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