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Originally Posted by Avsare1 View Post
Like I said, his off the ice stuff has been blown way out of proportion because of the MTL media. He's not nearly as bad as you think, but 1 or 2 small things and it gets scrutinized under a microscope because its MTL.

Sensing a huge Bias in your post, so I feel theres no point to reason or debate it, your opinion wont change, but he's not a cancer like you think.
I won't say I'm NOT bias because I am, I don't like the player or his attitude (as a person, he seems like a good guy though, from what I've seen in interviews) and you're right, everything here does get blown out of proportion. However, this player has always thought he was WAYYY better than he actually is...(his current insane demands are also proof of this) and he also has a tendency to rub teammates the wrong way.

Ask yourself this question, do I have this kind of attitude towards any other habs? No, I really don't care much about the Habs at all. This is about this particular player's attitude towards the game and how he conducts himself on the ice. He could be on the Winnipeg Jets and I'd feel the same way.

In essense, he is the anti-Landeskog.

I just watched the 'My Season' NHL network special featuring Landeskog yesterday. When he came into the league, he was asking veterans for advice and knew his place and was very humbled to be there.

When Subban came into the league, it was like "your savior has arrived, I AM here now". There is a huge difference between confidence and a little cockiness and being an outright egotistical jerk in the dressing room. And regardless what you think about how it's been 'blown up' in the Montreal media, the fact is that it HAS been a problem in the montreal dressing room and he's been in quite a few fights with his own teammates at practice.

He's more of a headache than he's worth, in my opinion. PLUS, in my opinion, he's still got some work to do on his game defensively and there is still the issue of staying out of the box.

Has led the league in minor penalties for the past 2 years since coming into the league.

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