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01-17-2013, 08:50 PM
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Darren was very popular and always holds a special place for me as a Wings fan. But to pretend that he couldn't have been more if he didn't get his life in order is somewhat dishonest. He had tons of heart and passion, was a great/good teammate until the spiral began. At some point these guys are friends to and Draper was pretty honest about how thin Darren's act had worn with a lot of teammates before he was bought out and shipped to Calgary. Those guys still went to bat for him but ultimately his influence on the lockerroom had faded a little more than I think most big McCarty fans are willing to admit. There are guys that party in every lockerroom but the other players notice and when things start to go bad you wonder.

The guy is still a big draw in Detroit, I am sure fans still treat him well when he encounters them on the street. But he wasn't the heart of the team that was Yzerman. He got paid back for all he did for the Wings, commercials and I am sure free meals all over the place. I bristle at the idea we didn't stand by McCarty we even embraced him after more of the details came out during his time away from the Wings. His charity lived off Wings fans and his jerseys were all over the place.

What do you want a holiday for him? A jersey retirement? A statue? None of those things are coming and none of those things were earned. What he will get is nice hello from Wings fans and a hearty round of applause when he is put on the jumbotron. What more is he owed than that?

We celebrate championship teams for ages and his name will always come out there. But blowing up each players contributions can get a little out of hand. I am glad the Wings aren't the Pistons that celebrate every player off that team with jersey retirements, James Edwards must feel so left out... If McCarty gets his act totally together he might be able to get some involvement with the Wings, but he has nobody but the mirror to look at for why he doesn't have some role there. They have taken care of their own, but the guys that at least met them half-way or more Darren didn't. Some of us loved Darren for that to begin with, but you have to accept the whole package of what he was and it also explains his troubles in retirement.

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