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Originally Posted by Husko View Post
So who is currently in/out/on the bubble for the 23 man roster?

Forwards definitely in: Vanek, Pominville, Hodgson, Ennis, Stafford, Foligno, Ott, Leino, Hecht, Kaleta (10)
Dmen definitely in: Myers, Erhoff, Regehr, Leopold, Sekera, Sulzer (6)
Goalies in: Miller, Enroth (2)
IR/In when they get back: Gerbe, McCormick (2)
20 players locked for the roster.

That leaves the following with 5 current spots, but only 3 once Gerbe and McCormick get back. Also of note, there would be 1-2 current spots in the starting lineup, with maybe one (McCormick's) once the injured come back.

Grigorenko (will play if with the team), Ellis, Brennan, Weber. So I'd guess they all stay up until the walking wounded return? I'd also assume Grigorenko and Ellis play. Unless they use Brennan as a 7th dman/pp specialist.
Sounds like Gragnani all over again.

Anyway, like I said on the main board, sucks for Pardy, but Ott was the gem the Sabres really wanted and we only took Pardy off the Stars' hands because Ott was coming with him in that trade, much like Regehr was the treasure we wanted and took Kotalik too to make that one happen. We all knew this was happening to Pardy since day one. A mix of us having too many defensemen, Pardy's sub-par play (assuming he didn't look good in camp), and his contract all helped seal his fate and unfortunately for him he was the odd man out. It's a business and the best players will play and contract also affects that, so the writing was on the wall for Pardy since the moment we acquired him. He wasn't going to beat out any of our other defensemen, including Weber, who has been equally as mediocre lately. Even if Pardy impressed at camp chances are he was done for.

Again, I feel bad for the guy. Someone posted an article on the main board about him being really excited for a fresh start and getting out of a bad situation in Dallas so it makes me feel for him whole-heartedly that the opportunity he wanted won't be here. I just hope he acts like a professional and realizes (assuming he clears and he's sent to Rochester, like planned) that he'll only be down there for a few months and can go to the market this summer in an attempt at a new contract elsewhere. Could be a decent bottom-pairing or seventh on a team, but not here, so we'll eat the $1.1M cap hit and it won't hurt us, unless he's claimed.

I'm fifty-fifty on him clearing. It'd be good for Rochester if he does since we lost Finley, but he has a chance at being claimed with the Isles setting this precedent for claiming players this week. Who knows? If he's claimed we're off the hook and don't have to worry about his cap hit or salary, although both of which won't handcuff us in making other deals mid-season or at the deadline anyway. If he clears, Rochester gets help and we pay the salary and take a small cap hit for burying him. Really doesn't matter to us what happens, although Amerks fans likely want him to clear so they have some help. Regardless I think we'll get Finley back soon anyway but Pardy will help a weak defense regardless.

Again, feel bad for Pardy, I truly do, just as I did with Morrisonn but it's part of the business and game, as well as the well-being of the team. Just a bad situation turning worse for him, but he'll be free in a few months. Let's just hope he acts professionally and reports assuming he clears and takes it with a positive attitude, as a building block for getting back to the NHL in the summer.

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