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Originally Posted by Fred Taylor View Post
Gretzky could have retired when he was 28 and still have been the all-time point leader.
If Gretzky had retired when he was 28, these would have been (some of) his accomplishments:

* 9 Hart Trophies in 10 years

* 8 scoring titles (and tied for another his first season) in 10 years

* 10 assist titles in 10 years

* 5 goal scoring titles in 10 years.

* 4 Stanley Cups (and 5 Cup finals) in 10 years

* 51 NHL records in 10 years

* 5 playoff scoring titles in 10 years (including 2 MVPs)

* 3 Canada Cup Scoring Titles in all 3 Canada Cups (including an MVP)

There is no other player, not even Bobby Orr, who ever had that kind of success over his first 10 years. If Gretzky had retired after those first 10 years, he would have been an even bigger "what if" than Mario Lemieux ever was. He would have been projected at over 3500 career points and over 1000 goals over his career. I would say his legend would arguably have been ever greater than it is, and there would be really no debate as to who the best player of all time is. In some ways, Gretzky gets penalized for having a longer career than Orr.

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