Thread: Injury Report: Price injured (minor)
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01-17-2013, 09:31 PM
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Just got back from the scrimmage, what the hell is this thread

During the warmup for the red vs white game, Price gloved a slap shot. Afterwards he got up, skated away while removing his glove and making a fist out of his glove hand. He also put his hand on the back of his left thigh. Probably reading too much into it, hard shot, stung him a bit.

He moved fine during the game and in the shootout. He made a few glove saves too. At the end of the shootout (what was it round 25?), he just looked like he wanted it to end. He'd just stay down on his knees and left the corners open, players kept firing it at the crossbar or at Price's chest

Price wasn't stretching after every time he went down. Before the start of the 2nd he was in front of the bench just doing huge lateral movements while in butterfly with a sharp stop. Doesn't seem wise to do that if your groin hurts.

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