Thread: Injury Report: Price injured (minor)
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01-17-2013, 09:33 PM
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Originally Posted by PricePkPatch View Post
Yes it does. The % of winning the lottery are the same as before. The only thing that changed is that there is no more limit on how much you can improve in the standing. You can go from 10th to 1st.
Originally Posted by BeerHell View Post
Don't know if it's confirmed but I've read somewhere:

25.0% - 30th
18.8% - 29th
14.2% - 28th
10.7% - 27th
8.1% - 26th
6.2% - 25th
4.7% - 24th
3.6% - 23rd
2.7% - 22nd
2.1% - 21st
1.5% - 20th
1.1% - 19th
0.8% - 18th
0.5% - 17th

again not sure it's confirmed. All I know is that now anyteam can win spot #1 not just move up four spot
Ok. Well I did say I wasn't totally sure. Well, if the chances are weighed. Good.

While 25% is more than everyone else. It isn't much, when you think about it.

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