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01-17-2013, 10:50 PM
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Originally Posted by Montreal Impact FC View Post
The real concern with subban is his reputation... because of that people think subban is just adding another layer. If he would be a great teamate with no story i doubt people would see the same situation with a similar perception.
The funny thing about it all is Subban is the only player in the league that seems to be a bad teammate. This stuff happens in Montreal too much. The stories of Price being a drug head and Hamr, and the Kosti brothers having ties to the mob. So much crap seems to be blown up and believed here.

Subban may be immature in some regards but the way people blow that up to having attitude problems and being disliked by his teammates is so ridiculous but so Montreal. Imagine if PK had real problems like other players? Like the players who have assaulted women, had drug issues, beat up cabbies...that stuff gets swept under the rug. So yes, the attitude thing is silly. Again, I know people that know him personally...he's an entertaining guy and has boyish exuberance. That rubs some the wrong way but I don't quite get how that's a knock on him.

Subban's the type of guy who may get too much praise and too much hate at the same time.

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