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01-17-2013, 10:51 PM
Pete still coach?
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Originally Posted by nona weisbaum View Post
I really didn't follow Gomez after he left in 07. I mean we got to see him a fair amount when he was with the Rangers, but I honestly can't judge the guy from the 8 games I watched him play these last two seasons. Yes, his states are brutal lately, but how far off the cliff has he really fallen? I'd imagine that Montreal is probably not the best place for your game to go off the rails. How much of this is a resut of a mentally broken player?

I don't appreciate the way he left here and I really don't see where he slots in exactly, however, if he still has something left, new jersey is the place that will get the best out of him. Sure it was a long time ago, but Gomez played some solid hockey for the Devils. He was a good player at one time.

We'll see I guess. Goal scoring is a pretty big concern for this team as it stands now. You wouldn't bring Gomez in to score goals, but if he still has some ability to create the opportunities to score, he may have a place here.
Good post as always!

I'm not bitter, and I didn't even care when he left. He's definitely not the best option, but we know Lou has a tendency to bring back these old players that are former Devils. Like I said he tried to bring Holik back in 05, he brought him back in 08, he brought back Rolston, and Shanahan that year too. He brought back some players you can't even understand like Janssen, and Tommy Albelin in 01 who sat out half the games that year. Jim Dowd in 2006 was brought back.

Lou even tried to bring back Scott Niedermayer in 2009, but he told him he had already had a verbal agreement with the Ducks. This is something Scott let out.

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