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01-18-2013, 12:16 AM
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Originally Posted by Miller Time View Post
even though you're taking the time to separately quote each point, it appears you didn't even read them???

step down from the pulpit, have a real conversation, which requires "listening" (or in this case, reading), and then respond to what is actually said as opposed to spouting off stuff that is has nothing to do with what was said...

or don't
I replied to everything you said man. I go point by point because there are different arguments made in each post. I address them one by one so that I can get to them. There's nothing wrong with the response I gave you.

Again, do the math. Are we contenders now? No right? Will we be next year? No right? The year after that? Hopefully... maybe... And we hope that that will be the start of a run where we can ice some competitive (truly competitive, not the crap we've seen for the past two decades) teams year after year. Isn't that the goal?

So... do the math. If we're not winning anything for at least three years (likely longer) then it makes sense to deal away older players who won't be here for that success. And it makes sense to do it now so that these prospects will be in their early 20s at the start of our (hopeful) run.

Hanging onto them doesn't make sense now because we won't win. It doesn't make sense because the longer we hold onto them, the less they'll be worth because they are a deminishing return. And hanging onto to them also doesn't make sense because by not getting the prospects now, we're delaying the development of whatever we get in return.

Think about it.

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