Thread: Player Discussion: Evgeny Kuznetsov Part 2
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01-18-2013, 12:23 AM
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Originally Posted by SimplySensational View Post
I hate how people think he is huge. He is 6'3" 215. That's like 2 inches taller than the NHL average and 10 pounds more.

Then talking about how fast he is... I don't think he's that fast, one of the things people were talking about him being fast was his goal in Game 1 against the Capitals, he wasn't even that fast people talk like he skated around Green, Green was getting a stick and came across the ice and almost stopped him from scoring, I have no idea how it was seen as fast or beating Green either.
I saw lots of sources list Kreider as 225-230. His height is optimal for a fast utility winger. Anything above that and he's at a disadvantage. He's also fairly physical. He seems like he's gonna be a better version of Kulemin, which is a very, very useful player.

And I'm not sure where you're getting the not fast thing (oh right one caps game), but he's really, really fast. That was literally all he had to his pedigree at the time he was drafted. Extremely fast and decently big. Probably up there with Grabner.

This was basically his every other play in college.

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