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01-18-2013, 12:29 AM
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Originally Posted by Deficient Mode View Post
Nope, the word "pedantic" does not apply here. It's not pedantic to contend that he just isn't that great on hard courts instead of being tired. That's not really a petty distinction. You'll find he had similar results in previous years. I also generally don't like the cop out for some of these top guys to say they're tired at the end of the year, especially when it's a top player like Almagro whose mediocre results extend all the way back to the end of the clay season. It's not the first time you've used it either.
Of course, you are pedantic. I have come to think of it as part of your peculiar charm. You are a nit-picker par excellence. You can't bloody help yourself. You do it all the time. I say player A is "conservative," you say player B is even more conservative. Fine, but I wasn't talking about player B. But you have this irresistible urge to mention it anyway. Why? Because you are a world class stickler for detail.

Let's say I make the simple comment that the second set tie breaker that Nicolaus just won had a very similar arc to the first set tie breaker. Most people who were watching would probably agree offhand. Not you. I picture you in a basement with mushrooms growing on the ****ing walls with a deerstalker cap on your pointy head going through that statement with a fine tooth comb and asking yourself: Do I really agree that those two tie breakers had a similar arc? I picture you pondering that with furrowed brow, like it was really important. The fact that it took Nic one more point to win the second tie breaker wouldn't bother you at all; not a big deal, you would immediately concede. But you would feel yourself duty bound to point out that, no, Almagro had to rely on more second serves in the second breaker, and that while Jerzy made the same sort of errors, they were for a different reason. One definition of "pedant" is someone overly concerned with minute details. Tell me you are not overly concerned with minute details. But, hey, I would only want to kill you in person. On a tennis thread, you make a lot of good points despite the pedantry. Rock on, Sherlock.

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