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Originally Posted by seventieslord View Post
The case was made to me before, by MadArcand, that Hextall was better. In the end I didnít buy it and still donít, but it did convince me Hextall was a little better than I thought 2 years ago, and Vernon a lot worse. (Hextallís best 6 years: 72.5, 51.0, 39.0, 38.0, 32.1, 27.0. Three of his best 4 years came with the 1980s Flyers who made every goalie Ė Peeters, Lindbergh, Froese Ė look better than they were, so Iím very doubtful of him)

In the playoffs, Hextallís 39 GAR, in 93 games. Vernon is just 38 in 138 games, Richter 43.3 in just 76 games.

Take out best seasons, and Hextallís at 19.2 in 70 games, Vernon is 22.5 in 116, Richter is 25.2 in 76.

Makes it look like both were potentially better on a per-game level, but heís just got an insane sample size of games and that in itself deserves recognition.

OK, now scrutinize. I want to know if this stands up to it.
Hextall has career RS GARG of 326, Vernon of just 255, and in over 170 more games. Then there's the fact that Vernon was just losing his super-strong teams series left and right in the early 90s.

Of course, I doubt there's any way Vernon gets voted in anyway. But then, when a joke like Lundqvist has strong, stubborn support that remains constant in face of all evidence...

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