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01-18-2013, 01:05 AM
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Sorry, I'm actually a big fan of Dater's, but I'm disagreeing with him here.

No, these offers were not "more than fair." Were they insulting offers? I think the "bridge" deal was, yes. I don't think the five year, $17 million offer was...though it was a below-market offer. I HOPE they can find a middle ground between that offer and the $5 million per that Guy and O'Reilly least they're still talking, but the fact that no progress has been made is very alarming.

I'm not going to sit here and tell you Ryan O'Reilly is the epitome of class. Yeah, frankly I too fear he's trying to over-leverage one excellent offensive year, even though I don't agree with Dater that he had two mediocre years to start (he was a defensive forward, and played well in that role). Dater's biggest flaw is that he continually overlooks the contributions of defensive forwards...he couldn't stop railing on and on about how Jay McClement put up crappy numbers and even went so far as to compare them to Stewart's right after the trade. Ridiculous.

But regardless of whose fault this is, it has officially gotten ugly. I think it's clear at the very least he blew any chance of getting the captaincy by letting things get this far, even though I think the Avs made a mistake making Landy the captain this soon.

I think a resolution needs to be found, and soon. And regardless of whatever principles may be involved, I think the Avalanche will be making a gigantic mistake if they end up dragging this out well into the season or trading his rights.

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