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01-18-2013, 01:51 AM
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Originally Posted by jmelm View Post
The real question is: is Kenny Agostino really the 6'1 he is being listed at right now? If so, that is a far cry from the 5'11 he was listed at previously, and a big deal since Bennett is our only A-level forward prospect 6'1 or larger. That would really help differentiate Kenny, along with his skill, from our other prospects, and give him a greater chance to be an impact player against NHL competition.
Height doesn't bother me as much as toughness, is Agostino filled out yet? Is he a stocky guy? Even big players get concussions (Lindros, Pronger...), so I don't care about that.

Penguins site: 6'1" 200lbs
Yale: 5'11" 195lbs (his pic looks like his rookie year pic or something)

Every other site has him at 5'11" and a variation from 190lbs to 195lbs. In any case, Sid is 5'11" and he seems to do just fine, Kennedy as well. Giroux is also the same height, so are a ton of other players in the league. I am sure if you went through every roster, the number quickly piles up.

Height is whatever, if Martin St.Louis was the height he is and skinnier, he'd be screwed. The fact that he's such a stocky guy for his height, is why he is still in the league and one of the top wingers even at his age.

In any case, you seem to not have any love for Ben Hanowski, all that kid has done is improve every year, steadily and has positive things said about him from the Pens staff and he's not some sub 6' guy either. He's 6'2". Seems kind of dumb to call a 5th rounder an A level forward and then completely ignore the others. Wilson has surprised a lot of people and he's 6', same for Archibald, Sundqvist is 6'3", Marcantuoni is 6', etc...I hate the whole level bs, you never know what a player can be until they hit the AHL, develop and then make the NHL.

So many can surprise you. It's never a 100% thing.

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